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Booking @

Detroit Artist Agency

(313) 449-8655 

Purveyor of house music and happy hearts. 

With roots entwined in Detroit soul and southern hospitality, DJ Cent catalyzes communities with her upbeat house music and contagious dance vibe. 

Even in the face of devastating loss within her musical and BIPOC communities, DJ Cent lifts others with her infectious presence behind the decks. Her trademark dance floors are filled with fresh tracks that draw on a rich history playing all forms of house music including deep, vocal, gospel, tech and bmore. 

Always the trailblazer, DJ Cent has brought her unique brand of beats to venues and communities, clubs, and large scale events across the nation for three decades, while keeping a foothold in her hometown of Detroit. In addition to playing music, DJ Cent gives back through events, volunteering, and an inclusion-based approach that fosters positivity long after the curtain closes. 

“Creating positive memories for ourselves and others is important. Realizing how quickly life can change motivates me every day to speak love, show love, and deliver love to everyone around me.” - DJ Cent 

Music Productions:
"There Some House" on the "This Is Detroit" Soriee Records, "Universal Spirit" on the A Fresh Compilation by Expressway Records/Charivari
Exclusive releases on Bandcamp also Traxsource, Beatport, Juno's, itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music & more!  
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"Mad House Friday Tee- Shirts - $30

(Black or White) All Sizes Available

45 Collection Earrings, Necklace & more - $10 or 3 for $25

CD's or Keys (Usb Drive

(Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Black, Gold)  

  • Mixes  from 1999 - present 

  • Mixes i.e. New House, Classic House, Gospel House, RnB House Remixes, Beats, Club Music & more

  • 1 Mix = $10

  • 3 Mixes = $25

  • 8 Mixes - $50 (Not Avail In Red Key)

  • Fully Loaded - Available 


Order Now!

  1. Click on  button under Mix Cd(s) and choose three mix CD's,  one mix CD or the "Key" Mixes.   Then click Buy NOW and pay through Paypal. OR choose the 2nd Buy Now button for 4 or more mixes available on  "CD's" or the "Key" type in the total in Paypal and pay. 

  2. In the contact form below specify "Name" and the "Address"  of where you want the CD(s) sent along with the CD or type of house CD you want, i.e, Gospel House, Classic House  etc

  3. Wait 1-2 business days (depending where shipping to)

  4. to receive your music via mail. (*International Orders will take longer.)

Please Note: Incomplete order forms may cause your order to be unprocessed. No refunds or returns. All sales are final, and prices are subject to change without notice 



*Shipping costs are included in the price of the cd for orders shipping in the United States excluding Hawaii. Postage will be charged for Hawaii and international orders. Also please advise if rush or overnight shipping is needed.


© 2022 DJ Cent All rights reserved.

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